Pregnancy Timeline

February 14th
Christina feels sick for first time.."the flu". stays home from work...
(no Romantic Valentines... just a lot of sleep for the next 5 days)

February 21st
7 days later, still home
Dr. Bonano's appointment - blood drawn at 5:30pm

February 23rd
Chris tries to go to work for first time
5pm - Dr. Bonano calls Alan and tells him "we have good news"
Alan goes to buy a card and Calla Lilly…
(Drives by the florist at least 3 times because his mind is reeling)
Alan gives Chris her "Baby card" and flower... TOTAL Shock!
Out to dinner to celebrate!!!

February 24th
No sleep for Chris, sick all night
Stays home from work
OB at 9:30 for second blood test to determine how far along - 5-6 weeks pregnant

March 8th
First Ultrasound appointment
Baby is 8.8mm with a heart rate of 136 bpm!
Chris finally calls and tells her mother!!!!
She cried and said she wanted to kiss both of us all over!

April 11th
11 Weeks – Heard baby’s Heartbeat today! 164 bpm

April 26th
13 weeks, 6 days….
2nd Ultrasound – The baby is 4inches from Head to Butt
Baby was VERY active during the test… moving all around, hands, legs, body position
Doctor said all looked good….
Heartbeat 144 bpm

May 10th
15 weeks, 6 days…
Baby’s heartbeat 148 bpm!
Chris’ total weight gain in 4 months – 8 lbs….

May 17th
3rd Ultrasound… sonographer knows the sex!!! But we didn’t give in!
Lengthy ultrasound examining everything, measuring limbs… looks good ! ! !
Baby again was very active….
And a THUMBSUCKER! Very cute!

June 7th
Feeling the baby move at the end of the 19th week!
Little “butterfly-like” feathery tickle!
Most consistent today for the first time!
Fifth month is starting out “actively” ...

July 6th
Start of month 6! Going by very FAST!

July 10th
First VISIBLE kick outward!

Christina was reading in bed and could see her stomach jump on the left side…

July 12th
Baby’s heartbeat 154 bpm! WOW…Must be running in circles…

July 22nd
Alan finally feels the baby kick!
Kicks are getting stronger all the time, certainly not a flutter anymore!

August 3rd – Third Trimester ! ! !
28 Week Ultrasound today – all is doing well and according to schedule!
Baby looked great – Heartbeat 130 bpm.
Christina feels great.
“Belly” measures exactly according to due date.
Time is moving FAST.
Baby is very active and especially at night.
It’s so amazing to see and feel the belly move.
Alan can’t believe the strength of the kicks…

August 16th
Interviewed Baby’s Pediatrician today, Dr. Howard King !
This doctor is simply amazing; every factor is taken into account.
We are in good hands ! ! !

Labor Day Weekend
We’ve entered the 8th month and Nursery is cleared and painted!
Alan painted two shades of green top and bottom. It looks perfect!

September 7th
Baby’s furniture arrives! Suddenly it feels very real!
And so the excitement and anticipation is growing.

September 10th
Our close friend Lisa planned a wonderful baby shower, the day was absolutely perfect.
It was wonderful to see everyone and share the afternoon.
Baby Robichaud was very lucky to have gotten so many beautiful gifts but more importantly very lucky to have all these wonderful people in our lives.
Alan was a little disappointed, he was told that new fathers get expensive home theatre and fancy electronics gear at these showers,,, oh well...
He won't get fooled again... ;-)

September 15th
An office party-BBQ turned out to be a surprise shower.
Everyone was incredibly generous; we had a lot of fun.
Alan however was fooled yet again, no electronics what so ever...
Fool me once, Shame on you... Fool me twice, Shame on me... ;-)

Only 6 more weeks ahead of us until our due date… if that?

Buddy already told us he hopes it's a new Puppy!!!

October 23rd
Any day now,
I've been pretty busy getting the house ready for winter.(click me)
Christina has been packing a hopital bag for about 14 months now.
In between packing that bag, she has prepped the nursery and we are all set.
She's a trooper, she can still touch her toes (palms to the floor).
She also lifts very heavy things behind my back.
( I think it's a Ukrainian thing...)

October 26th
Christina's water broke while having a late lunch at her computer...
We went to the hospital at around 6pm, active at 8pm...

October 27th
Our BABY GIRL was delivered Friday October 27th at 1:16am, 8 lbs 1.2 oz.
Here are some photos... (click me)
I'll post more soon...

October 29th
Home from the hospital, do people really go there to get needed rest???
And the food... Don't get me started...
Glad to be home with the baby...

I should add that Christina is doing great, she is a tough one for sure.

October 30th
1st appointment to see the Doc, all is well...
"My" baby is going to mess up the curve for all others...

October 31st Halloween
Clea finds her thumb, and goes to town...
Sucking noises could be heard for miles!!!
They'll talk about it for years to come!!!

Let's hear it for mommy Christina for doing such a great job!!!